Sunday, August 23, 2009

Newcastle project update

I'm presently still working on shooting images for the Newcastle IR project, as well. I've already shot two rolls, and started a third one today, as some images needed to be reshot, and there were a few new ones. I'm also testing a possible replacement for Kodak High Speed Infrared (known as HIE) under the same conditions as I am shooting with HIE. The film I'm testing is Rollei IR400, which is not as sensitive as the HIE, and I've heard that it requires a stronger IR filter (which is quite expensive), so I'm testing how well it responds with the normal (for HIE) Red 25 filter.

Friday, August 21, 2009

My latest activities

I entered three images of the Franklin IR project in the Covington Days Art Show(The Mine Cart, the Mine Cart Bridge, and Headstone 2), and two digital images in the King County Fair in July, winning a blue ribbon and a red ribbon at the King County fair, and the Mayors Choice award for the Franklin Mine Cart Bridge image at the Covington Days Art Show.


This image won a blue ribbon at the King County Fair.

A veteran's salute

This image won a red ribbon at the King County Fair.