Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Darkroom

I have a home darkroom where I print and process my black and white work.

This is the enlarger area and film processing area.
My Darkroom: the enlargers and film processing area
The enlarger on the right is my Vivitar 356, where I do most of my printing. The enlarger on the left is used primarily for contact sheets. I also have an old Durst that I use for a copy stand.(It was my first enlarger) I recently aquired a Beseler 23CII that was missing a baseboard and negative carriers at a garage sale, which will be used for medium format, once it's completed.
My Beseler 23CII
Next is the print processing area.
My Darkroom: the print processing area
From right to left: Development, stop water (used in place of indicator stop bath), and fixing. Washing is done in the kitchen since I have no running water in the Darkroom.

I would like to move the film processing area to the back wall, but I need to build a new bench. I would also like to rearrange the safelighting set up. I do like having my own darkroom, though I wish it was easier to get supplies to operate it.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Puyallup Fair

Two of the Franklin IR images(Franklin Mine Cart and Hoist Foundation) are currently on exhibit at the Washington State Photo Competition at the Western Washington Fair (AKA the Puyallup Fair)