Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Darkroom

I have a home darkroom where I print and process my black and white work.

This is the enlarger area and film processing area.
My Darkroom: the enlargers and film processing area
The enlarger on the right is my Vivitar 356, where I do most of my printing. The enlarger on the left is used primarily for contact sheets. I also have an old Durst that I use for a copy stand.(It was my first enlarger) I recently aquired a Beseler 23CII that was missing a baseboard and negative carriers at a garage sale, which will be used for medium format, once it's completed.
My Beseler 23CII
Next is the print processing area.
My Darkroom: the print processing area
From right to left: Development, stop water (used in place of indicator stop bath), and fixing. Washing is done in the kitchen since I have no running water in the Darkroom.

I would like to move the film processing area to the back wall, but I need to build a new bench. I would also like to rearrange the safelighting set up. I do like having my own darkroom, though I wish it was easier to get supplies to operate it.

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