Thursday, May 6, 2010

Macro photography

Much of my photography has been about seeing things from a different perspective, one that is not often seen. The medium of photography has been always that way, as it gives us a means of seeing the world as others view it, but the average individual with a camera tends to take photos without really looking closer at their subject or finding a diffrent means of photographing a subject. Macro photography is one of my favorite techniques of looking at a subject differently. It is a method that is effective because the human eye is not capable of seeing close up easily due to the nature of the eye, which is designed to see things from an average perspective. Cameras, on the other hand, can be designed to look at up to microscopic levels. Looking at the world from a life size or half life size perspective produces a window into things that we do not naturally see.
American Flag
This American flag is a prime example. Most people wouldn't notice without the aid of a camera that there are actually tiny holes in the fabric that allow light to pass through the fabric.
Nor would they be able to notice the subtle play of light and texture of this leaf.
Dandilion Seed pod
The subtle texture and softness of this dandilion seed pod is also better emphasized through macro photography. Thanks for looking, and feel free to comment!

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