Friday, March 8, 2013

New blog posts coming!

Sorry, I haven't been too active with my photography over the past two or so years, so there hasn't been much to post about, but I do plan on getting back out into the field soon with some fresh work. In the mean time, I will explain about one of the ways that I find about many of these sites.

While I first heard about Franklin from a newspaper article several years ago, after I got into Geocaching in 2005, I discovered that there was a geocache there, which my dad and I visited in 2007, and that site visit sparked the idea to use IR film to photograph the site later that year. Many of the other sites that I have posted about, I first learned about through Geocaching, including remnants of the Pacific Coast Railroad line to Black Diamond and Franklin, the Newcastle operations, and others as well. This abandoned mail truck is a good example.

I will be posting more photos of it to come, along with other new sites, and I do intend to finish the Roslyn project as well. I recently discovered the exact location of one of the few mostly intact mine structures left from the Kittitas County coal mining operations, a fan house possibly from the #3 mine.

"Driving" the mail truck


  1. What ever happened to the new blog posts? I've seen you post on BDN for several years and remember when you posted this.