Saturday, April 25, 2009

A bit of recent work

I'm presently taking Art 325B, Photography II, Alternate processes, as a break from all business classes, all the time! (I only need to take two business classes to finish the degree) Our first assignment incorporated several different formats, which included 4x5 view camera work, two rolls of film in a Holga, one roll of 35mm, and 30 digital images, exploring typical and atypical 19th century subjects.

This was from the digital work:
Grape Hyacinth
This was growing in my front lawn in Covington, so I decided I better photograph it before the lawn mower cut it down. This was taken with my Nikon D70, and a 55mm f2.8 AiS Micro Nikkor, probably about 1/2 life size.

From the TMax 100

Old truck
An old truck in Ellensburg, taken with my Nikon FM and 24-135 Tamron.

Stay tuned for the 4x5 and Holga!

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